Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Going Swimming

In the holidays I went to my swimming lessons with my mum and my sister.  My sister's name is Ericka and she is older than me.  Everyday I went swimming at 9:00 am.  I swam in the indoor swimming pool.  The outdoor swimming pool has not opened yet because it is too cold.  At the big pool Matthew, Jamie, Nino and Giselle swam.  They go to my school.  Matthew and Jamie are in my class.  I like swimming a lot.  

Monday, 28 August 2017

Swimming With My Friends

In the weekend I went to the Y-Swimming School.  I can swim n the swimming pool.  Sometimes we go to another pool at the swimming pools because I  go there to play with my friends Giselle, Matthew and Jamie.  

My teacher, James, can swim very fast.  My bathing suit is pink and my goggles are blue.  I wear swim goggles to stop the water making my eyes red.  I had a good time swimming with my friends.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Poem: Swimming

In Room 1 we are learning to write poetry.
Today we were inspired by reading the book called 'The Giant of Ginger Hill' to write a poem about going to the pools. Our inspiration came from reading about the Giant trying on some flippers.  We know that flippers are for swimming not for walking.  We all like going swimming with our families.


I like to swim
I do it with a grin
On my face.

I like to kick
I am so cool 
That I never sink.

I like to dive
Into the pool.
It makes me feel alive.

I like to stay cool
In the Panmure pool.

Monday, 15 May 2017

On Mother's Day I gave my Mum a hug and I gave her my Mother's Day card.  I made her my Mother's Day card at school.  I love my Mum and she loves me!

Having A Kind Mouth

Emma, thank you for liking me.  I like you too.  I love Emma and my friend Lynn.  They say nice things to me and I say nice things to them.  Lynn and Emma are going to come with me to my appointment on Thursday.  Lynn lets me play a game with her first.  

Monday, 1 May 2017

During The Holidays

During the holidays I went to my friend's house.  My friend's name is Zinette.  She is the same age as me and I am going to her birthday party soon.  

We played together.  We played nurses and patients.  I pretended to be sick.  Then my friend and I were nurses.  I had fun.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Prayer: Thank You God

Thank you God for my family.  I love them and they love me.  Love comes from God

Erich Wyne's Birthday Party

On the weekend I had my birthday party.  My party was at my house.  Lots of my friends came to my birthday party.  Angelina, Giselle, Jamie, Matthew and Chester came to my party.  They are my friends and we all go to Saint Patrick’s School in Panmure.

First we went to Inflatable World and then we went to Erich's house.  At Inflatable World we jumped on a bouncy castle.  There were two bouncy castles.  The first one you jump on and the second one you go through on the slide. Chester got stuck on the bouncy slide and Angelina tried to help him.  Angelina called Matthew but he didn't come.  Matthew was climbing up the stairs.  Chester got free by wriggling and climbing up.

After that we went to my house.  We all played the house game.  We walked around and pretended to drink cups of tea.  We played on my scooter and my car, and we played monster trucks.  Matthew nearly crashed the buggy.  We saw two bugs.  They were black and living near the bikes.

Matthew and Chester gave me the same gift.  It was a Frozen doll.  So I now have two Frozen dolls.  I love Frozen dolls.  Angelina gave me a toy cashier.  Jamie gave me two T shirts and two cartons of juice, and Giselle gave me a Frozen cake.  I  like Frozen and I had a great birthday! Thank you everyone for celebrating it with me

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Weekend

On the weekend I like going out with my mum, my dad and my sister.