Sunday, 17 November 2019

Manaiakalani film festival

On Wednesday 13th November first we went under the canopy and we sat down in our houses and we hooked up our partner and we went inside the bus. We left and we went to the movies... 
there were so many schools and movies, we saw 23 films from St Patricks, Panmure Bridge, Tamaki Collage and Point England school

We all laughed and laughed and the movies were fun and everyone was so happy and they sat in some really nice chairs.

Afterwards we left, and we went in the bus and we were all happy. We loved all the movies my favourite movie was how to make a jam sandwich.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Real or fake

bird of the year-by Erich

Mrs Collins told us today that she heard
that the bird of the year in 2019 was the Hoiho.
The Hoiho is a penguin. They have yellow eyes. The Hoiho is the first seabird to win. There are only 225 pairs. There is a hoiho on our 5 dollar note.