Sunday, 30 June 2019

matariki slideshow

i did information and and write about how matariki disappears  and  appears
and  i did my Waita.
this stars constellation the names is matariki it came out in early June and  late may.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

My first time in Wellington -by Erich

In Wellington we checked in to the hotel and it was so amazing. We ate  outside   in a restaurant and I bought popcorn and chips and it was so yummy.  Then we went to our hotel and I slept so early.
In the Morning we went to report a passport and we went to the Te Papa Museum and I saw lots of things and I bought cakes to  for my sister.

For my sisters birthday we went to the Filipino restaurant.  I ordered food for her and we got smoothies and I got mango,strawberry,yogurt,and milk. After that we ordered rice,soup and nuggets. It was so delicious!!!!!

footprint-by Erich

A few week ago Miss Collins  told us to make  my digital footprint.  I put paper and draw my feet and put the words and we colored the words and   I have 64% and it is so good for me and I put the title and this  is awesome.