Thursday, 30 May 2019

Catholic School day-byErich

On Tuesday we celebrated the Catholic Schools' Day at St Patrick's School. There were many people here, children, teachers and parents. We went to church and we all sang together beautifully.

After Mass we have lunch time and it was raining. St Pius X and St Ignatius children ate under the canopy but we ate in the classroom because we were cold. Later we all played in the big playground. We had no sport today and the schools went back early. We just stayed in class and did fun activities.

We had a good day!!! Happy Catholic day!!!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Tika, Pono, Aroha -by Erich

Learning Intention: we are learning about we have been learning about how Jesus respected the tapu of people. 
Jesus showed us how to love other people who are sick or different to us. Jesus asked the Samaritan woman to get him some water at the well and he did. He was allowed to speak to her.
Another story was when Jesus touched the leper who had big sores on him. He made him better. 
He showed aroha which is love and also tika which is to do the right thing and pono which is to tell the truth.
I am like Jesus when I show aroha towards the little children at school. They like me because I am kind.
I know how to show tika because I understand what I must do. With pono I always tell the truth and don't tell lies to my parents. 

Monday, 13 May 2019


yesterday we learned about kindness and we watch an oat the goat.  we drew a portrait on the paper
we gave it to other people. Then we crunched the paper and we wrote about kindness.
I put a heart with the kindness.   then i put a old man and lady.