Sunday, 4 August 2019

make a tower-by-Erich

WALT:to show smart Relationship qualities

Today Mrs Collins said we had to make a tower 
that was the biggest in the class and first we had to write a plan and after morning tea we had to make the tower.    
In 10 minutes Leonie and I tried to make our tower with 12 spaghetti sticks and 8 marshmallow pillows and it was so cool
After our tower Mrs Collins took a photo and ours was 20cm tall. It was so cool! I felt happy and we can work nicely together.


  1. hi i commented on your tower post cause it looked like fun and how did you make it?
    did you get to eat them
    next time try make it bigger.

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  4. Kia ora Erich.
    I really liked Marshmallow tower.
    I learnt that you can make marshmallow tower.
    Maybe you could do more writing.
    Have you Checked with a buddy. and had fun.
    What about you make the tower taller and wider.
    Did you have fun yes or no.
    Mā te wā Erich.
    From Jake.G.

    1. Kia ora Jake,
      yes i had fun and yes i am gonna write some more but the tower is going to fall down if I make it any taller. You could make it with your class if you want.