Monday, 22 May 2017

Poem: Swimming

In Room 1 we are learning to write poetry.
Today we were inspired by reading the book called 'The Giant of Ginger Hill' to write a poem about going to the pools. Our inspiration came from reading about the Giant trying on some flippers.  We know that flippers are for swimming not for walking.  We all like going swimming with our families.


I like to swim
I do it with a grin
On my face.

I like to kick
I am so cool 
That I never sink.

I like to dive
Into the pool.
It makes me feel alive.

I like to stay cool
In the Panmure pool.

Monday, 15 May 2017

On Mother's Day I gave my Mum a hug and I gave her my Mother's Day card.  I made her my Mother's Day card at school.  I love my Mum and she loves me!

Having A Kind Mouth

Emma, thank you for liking me.  I like you too.  I love Emma and my friend Lynn.  They say nice things to me and I say nice things to them.  Lynn and Emma are going to come with me to my appointment on Thursday.  Lynn lets me play a game with her first.  

Monday, 1 May 2017

During The Holidays

During the holidays I went to my friend's house.  My friend's name is Zinette.  She is the same age as me and I am going to her birthday party soon.  

We played together.  We played nurses and patients.  I pretended to be sick.  Then my friend and I were nurses.  I had fun.