Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Saint Patrick's Day

On Saint Patrick's Day we all went to Mass and sang many songs. After church we had morning tea and we sat in the under the canopy.

The principal called out the teams and we lined up. My team went to Mr Bell first and his game was "Capture the Flag." Then we went around to the other teachers for different games.

After sport we all won and we ate ice blocks and in the afternoon we did St Patrick activities in our classroom. We watched a movie about his life. We also got a balloon to decorate. 
Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

All about Me 2019

Kamusta! My name is Erich and I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I come from the Philippines and in my family there are  my Mum, Dad and big sister and My grandma and grandpa. A lot of family to have fun with. I am good at Writing and R.E and I enjoy games with my friends.  My challenge is Maths. My goal is to be better at reading. My cousin inspires me to be a good learner; she says she is proud of me!  People should read my blog because I hope to write interesting things.